drummer // drum tech // audio engineer


Born and raised on Florida sunshine, Ben Homola has worked with bands like Brand New, Kevin Devine, Manchester Orchestra, Plain White T’s and most recently has been holding it down as the drummer for Bad Books. A jack of all trades concerning drums, Ben has performed for both live and studio recordings, toured extensively as a drummer and drum tech, and has experience drum tuning as well as drum instruction and consulting.

After completing his recording arts degree at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, he found out through a mutual friend that Brian Lane of Brand New was looking for a drum tech. At the time, Ben didn’t have any experience in such a role, but after a quick week and half trial it was clear that he was the right man for the job. Ben continued working with Brand New for several years and eventually expanded his role of drum tech to include auxiliary drummer, joining Brian on stage with an additional drum set to make the drums sound “more studio like” creating a powerful, full sound live.

Since then, Ben has toured the world over with various bands. He’s been on numerous U.S. tours as well as several tours in Australia and UK/Europe. He also has played all the big name festivals including Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Reeding/Leads Festival, and Bamboozle (to name just a few).

Lately Ben has been expanding his musical sphere to include guitar and bass. Today he continues to write music and tour, and is always looking for new projects.

Despite the numerous hats Ben comfortably wears, at the end of the day the happiest place on earth for him is right behind a drum set. If you’re lucky enough to catch Ben play live with Bad Books this fall you’ll see it written all over his face.